Tips for you to Italy travel

Italy travel also means a perfect journey for tourists all over the world. Italy is one of the most famous destination for traveling and discovering, a treasure of the world which gathers all factors of a complete discovery with gorgeous views, ancient culture and architecture, excellent art of everything, especially cuisine.

Italy’s tourism has developed for a long time ago and it still has an important contribution in the economic development of Italy. The profit of this economic sector is about $100 billion annual for 50 million tourists, it is the most obvious demonstration for the love of worldwide tourists for Italy.

Time to Italy travel

The weather in Italy is quite diverse because it’s in Southern Europe and has Alps sierra in the North, Tyrrhenian sea in the West, Adriatic sea in the East.

The weather is different for each area of Italy and the temperature has a huge disparity. The winter in Italy is usually in the middle of December to the middle of March. The temperature in winter could be below 0oC to above 10oC, depending on each area. Spring of Italy is about the end of March to the middle of June, the temperature is from 10 to 25 degrees. The summer happens between the middle of June and September, the average temperature is about 20 to 40  degrees. From the middle of September to December is the time for Autumn, the weather is cool and perfect for a vacation. But the ideal time for Italy travel is Spring with pleasant weather, many festivals, beautiful nature and cool temperature. If you don’t want to travel in  Spring, you can choose Autumn because the temperature is the same for those 2 seasons. Like many other European countries, Autumn in Italy is so romantic and tender, sometimes it rains so tourists should bring some coats and umbrellas for preparation. There are rare tourists travel to Italy in Winter because this time the weather is kind of cold with fallen snow and hard for sightseeing. The summer is not recommended for tourists because it’s also hot and in July and August, Italian all have summer vacation in beaches. Big cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice is quite solitary.

Note: Italy is a member of Schengen Group so if you have Schengen Visa, you don’t have to apply for an Italy Visa forItaly travel. You can look up for information of Schengen Visa on our website.