Showtime Lakers vs. Joyful Warriors : Who would win?

But we can speculate. And so Lakers’ coach Byron Scott was asked before Tuesday’s game how that matchup might go. Scott was a shooting guard for the Lakers for 10 seasons, starting in 1982-82, and he helped the team win three NBA championships—1985, ’87 and ’88.

“I don’t think (the Warriors) could play the small lineup against us, with Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) and James Worthy and Magic Johnson being able to post up,” Scott said. “It would be very interesting, it would be a fun matchup, but it’s not possible, so why are we even talking about it?”

Abdul-Jabbar was 7-2 and his sky hook was unstoppable. Worthy and Johnson were 6-9 and both were slick and tricky, inside or outside.

But wouldn’t Curry go for 40? That would be up to Scott, who would be guarding him.

Scott said those Showtime Lakers, like these Warriors, played with a certain spirit.

“We played with joy because we was winning, it’s that simple,” Scott said. “We worked our butts off every day in practice and we pretty much were able to taste the fruits of our labor. Any time you’re winning, it’s fun.”
That said, Lakers’ coach didn’t preach joy as much as Steve Kerr does to the Warriors.
“Once it’s all over, you look back on it and realize how much fun it was,” Scott said. “But when you’re entrenched in it. . .you just think about the next game. Because one thing Riles wouldn’t let us do is live on what we did the last night….He kept his foot on the pedal and kept pushing us to be better.”