How to find the best travel deals for your vacation

I want to share my tips for finding the best travel deals and using a credit card in abroad vacation, avoiding the situation that you have a credit card but can’t make the payment. If you are often in a business trip or vacation, you can read my experience as below.

1. Always bring as many credit cards as you can

If you don’t want to pay in cash or you want to be safe when make payments when you are abroad, you should place all your trust in 1 or 2 credit cards. My experience of paying with credit cards is always 50/50, it’s all about luck, especially when you are abroad. Failed payment is because foreign banks don’t accept the credit card published in your country in most cases, some other case are because of failed system connection, strange exchanges so your current bank locks the credit card, scratched card. In conclusion, you should bring all the credit cards, visa cards you have. I always bring 3 credit cards and 2 visa cards when I travel to abroad. You don’t have to have much money in your visa cards, but you will need it in case your credit cards aren’t accepted. Plus, some credit cards give you somebest travel deals for sale seasons, travel seasons… and you should not waste it.

2. Make hotel payment 1 day before checking out

Why do you need to make hotel payment 1 day before checking out? It’s not because I’m too careful but because I had to deal with this situation before.

3 years ago in my Malaysia business trip, I only had 1 credit card of my company. I thought that credit card is American Express card then it must be ‘genuine’ and work all the time. I didn’t bring any extra card.  The day before the check-out day, I didn’t remember why I want to pay my hotel room, but well, just my luck. The Hotel reservation told me that the credit card wasn’t accepted. But luckily, my boss made a call and the staffs of American Express came to handle my situation.

You should know that paying hotel room 1 day before checking out will be much convenient and you may not believe, but it’s one of the best travel deals for yourself. You can save up some extra fees from the hotel service. More importantly, avoiding all the money problems if the card might not work such as being late for your flights or your meeting.